The Story of Max & Malie

The story of Max&Malie started on the first day of seventh grade at Goldenview Middle School. They were lucky to have a few classes together, a friendship bloomed, and so did their first “official” relationship. Max&Malie were together thru the middle of eighth grade until *clears throat* someone got nervous about the fact that they were going to different high schools and decided to end their sordid middle school romance.

Skip to 6 years later. They had had no contact whatsoever, never saw each other in passing, which is difficult to do in Anchorage, Alaska, until one fateful night at a college party. Both were the acting DD’s for their friend groups. Max always carried a water bottle with him, but Malie couldn’t find a single clean glass or cup to drink from so ended up sipping on tonic water. Hours into the night, the unsuspecting couple still hadn’t crossed paths. Max, quietly observing his friends drunken antics, decided to refill his water bottle. Meanwhile, Malie, tired of sloshed boys trying to mix her poisonous drinks, made her way down to the dance floor to check on her friends. Little did they know that the person they were destined to be with was about to walk thru a cracked door.

The moment his baby blue eyes met her sage ones, time stood still.

“I remember thinking ‘you’ as soon as I saw him. ‘You are the one I want’. And it was like no time at all had passed since we were at Goldenview together”, Malie recollects. “I thought he didn’t know who I was ’cause it took us both a moment to actually say something and the first thing out of my mouth was ‘Max? It’s Malie! From middle school!’ I felt like such an idiot”.

To be continued… (posted 2/13/2018)

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